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We still have some sample bags of Smartbarf to give away

Following our offer a week ago, we have chosen 50 people to give samples to (keep an eye on your twitter feed or your Facebook messages inbox (other). We will choose a further 50 people this week.

If you didn’t see our offer then, due to a typo error on our part, our sample bag labels can’t go out to our stockists so, rather than waste them, we decided to give them away to raw feeders who haven’t tried SmartBarf yet. If you already supplement your dog’s meals with fruits, herbs, vegetables, seeds or nuts then this is your opportunity to try SmartBarf free of charge and to find out if your dog likes the taste.

If you’ve followed our postings you will know that we’ve highlighted some of our ingredients already so, when you ‘like’, ‘share’ and/or ‘retweet’ this posting, please include a comment telling us which ingredient you want to know more about next.

Each sample bag is 60g which is enough to supplement the meals of a 15kg dog for 4 days – the label mentions both 4 days and 7 days and that is the typo error. We normally suggest adding SmartBarf at 1g per kg of dog or puppy weight so these sample bags are sufficient for 6 days if your dog weighs 10 kgs and 3 days for a 20kg dog (and 1 day if you have a 60kg dog!).

By Halloween we will have contacted 100 randomly selected raw feeders who ‘like’, ‘share’ and/or ‘retweet’ this posting and who include an ingredient they want to know more about.