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Seaweed: Why is it in SmartBarf?

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  • Maybe because it is well known as a source of iodine for healthy thyroid function as well as having more Calcium than is found in milk or meat. It is also rich in Iron, Magnesium, Copper, Manganese and Phosphorus. The thyroid helps produce and regulate hormones and a malfunctioning one can result in fatigue, muscle weakness, high cholesterol, heart palpitations and impaired memory.
  • Maybe because it is low in Saturated Fat and Cholesterol while being rich in protein and fibre to aid digestion and ease constipation. The alginates it contains can improve gut mucus to protect the intestinal wall, slow down digestion to make one feel full for longer and improve the levels of gut bacteria to get more out of the other foods you eat and to reduce wind.
  • Maybe because it is also a good source of Vitamin A, Vitamin E (Alpha Tocopherol), Vitamin K, and has more Vitamin C than oranges. It also has high levels of Niacin, Pantothenic Acid, Riboflavin, alpha linoleic acid, EPA and Folate.
  • Maybe because it is rich in Polysaccharides which are important in the prevention of degenerative diseases including cardiovascular and diabetes 2. It also improves mood and so it is often used as a tonic following illness and to improve liver function.