SmartBarf™ gets great reviews!

Five Stars


Anna Amazon November 27, 2019

Good supplement

I raw feed my mini sausage and was looking for a supplement. Cooper seems to like the taste. Smells pleasant enough.

Sonia Amazon November 27, 2019

Makes it easy

Absolutely love this product, makes it easy to ensure my dogs are getting everything they need in their diet. Recommend to everyone and buy it regularly!

Stacie Bridport November 26, 2019

SmartBarf is t’rrific

SmartBarf is t’rrific, the easiest way found
To give all the nutrients I need for my hound
Raw meat and a teaspoon is all that I need
Our dog enjoys it, the best way to feed
It’s ready to serve, no prepping, no mess,
A bag lasts a month, it does more or less

Jules email August 1, 2019

The dogs are truly grateful save me a lot of hassle with this product and the dogs are truly grateful!

Melanie email July 31, 2019

A sample pack is well worth a try

Mine isn’t a veg eater but he absolutely loves SmartBarf ☺️ A sample pack is well worth a try!

Katie Facebook February 5, 2019

Frozen cubes

I make up frozen cubes with a bit of salmon oil, a bit of coconut oil and some SmartBarf

Nick Facebook February 5, 2019


Love SmartBarf!

David Facebook February 5, 2019

Mineral depletion in our soils

I agree with that there is depletion of certain minerals etc in our soils, which obviously impacts on the content of those minerals in the livestock we feed... Add in the fact that many are no longer on pasture but have dried supplemented feed (kibble for farm animals) and it seems a good idea to get some of the natural herbs, seeds etc back into the bowl.

Trina Facebook February 5, 2019

Eating grass

I've just started using it, Dog loves it. I also noticed he doesn't seem to be eating grass as much now too.

Sarah Facebook February 5, 2019

Holistic vet recommendation

I used it on the recommendation of a holistic vet when one of my dogs was ill. I liked it. Would recommend.

Jess Facebook February 5, 2019


My girl likes it. I like the idea of the natural seeds and oils.

Chloé Facebook February 5, 2019

Stops him eating 💩

I give SmartBarf to my collie. He loves it and stops him eating 💩 😊

Elizabeth Facebook February 5, 2019

Magic Elixir

I was always undecided whether to buy SmartBarf or not, £10/£11 for a box of what essentially is powder despite the supposed goodness in it. I brought a box yesterday, so today I gave him some duck mince & oily fish mince using up the last of chubb rolls for this meal he had a sniff & looked at me as if to say what on earth is this woman ! This smartbarf was like the magic elixir, stirred a tablespoon through his food and it was gone within minutes he even ate his offal lol

Carmen Facebook February 5, 2019

Variety is the spice of life.

We don't feed kibble but I make my own dry treats using SmartBarf. Oliver also doesn't have a weight problem but you can always deduct from their daily ration, so it can make feed time more interesting or make that potter around the garden more stimulating. Variety, as they say, is the spice of life.

Out of Step Canine Massage Therapy Facebook February 5, 2019

Bowl Boosting Goodness

BOWL BOOSTING GOODNESS - A super quick way of adding veg, seeds & nuts, Fruits & berries, herbs & algae 🥗🥜🌱🍎🥕🥦🍌🍏🍑🥥🌻🎃🍐

It officially gets the Bruce seal of approval 🐶🧡

Stef Facebook February 5, 2019


Smart feeding SmartBarf

Killala February 5, 2019

Sprinkle of SmartBarf

Tonight's raw dinner for my two Westies:

Raw chicken wing
Cotswold beef active dog complete mince
Half a raw egg with crushed egg shell
Raw goats milk cube
Sprinkle of SmartBarf
Drizzle of salmon oil

Ruth Facebook February 5, 2019

SmartBarf is pawsome

We are the BCBruvz, we are litter brothers now aged 3yrs old. We are raw fed with the added yumminess of SmartBarf. Our pawrents have noticed a difference in us, plus our 6 monthly check ups always get a glowing response. We will always use SmartBarf. So here we are woofing to you all that SmartBarf is pawsome, forget all those expensive tablet/oil additives, add some natural goodness & your furbaby will be feeling fangtastic inside & out.

Sami Facebook February 5, 2019


Brilliant product - nothing else like it out there!!

Angela Facebook February 5, 2019

SmartBarf helps my assistance dog

I was recommended SmartBarf by my dog trainer. I have an assistance dog with severe allergies and he was put on the raw food diet by my holistic vet 4 years ago, it changed my dog's life as a working dog he needed to be alert something he couldn't be with sore itchy skin. As a disabled person I found it so difficult buying and then liquidising a range of veg every week and freezing them, SmartBarf was a prayer answered, no way could I include all the good quality ingredients that SmartBarf has in each bag or balance it as well. Even if I wasn't disabled I would use this product as I know it's the best on the market, it's great value and my dog is fit healthy his skin is no longer sore and itching and he works every day for me so well, I couldn't manage without my assistance dog or SmartBarf.

Anita Lancashire December 9, 2015

No More Pricey Supplements!

Having 3 large dogs – I was struggling to keep up with the preparation of vegetables, also I was using numerous herb supplements that were proving very costly. Before I learned of SmartBarf I was trying to source everything myself, but once again struggling on how much to give and when. I’m very pleased to have found SmartBarf as it seems a perfect and well needed solution to the DIY raw feeder.

Steve December 8, 2015

A Great Product

We have two collie cross dogs adopted from a rescue site. We have been feeding our dogs bones and raw food, since they were under a year old and after attending a session presented by a vet on the benefits of feeding BARF in preference to a diet of prepared food or kibble. The meat and bones element of the diet was easy to provide but adding the right mix of vegetables and vitamins was a challenge that proved difficult.

We discovered SMART Barf a couple of years ago and have been using it mixed in with the raw meat every day since. It makes feeding the dogs a balanced diet so easy and we can be confident they are getting the nutrients they need. Their energy and effervescence is testimony to the feeding regime. One of the dogs used to eat faeces but stopped this habit as soon as SMART Barf was introduced into their diet. Thank you for a great product.

Cathryn December 8, 2015

Time and Effort Saver

The long and short of it is that SmartBarf saves me a awful lot of time and effort, and probably money by providing the vegetable side of the BARF diet. .

Rob December 8, 2015


I could not possibly have had the time to source all the ingredients plus all that is required to make it palatable for my dog. Smartbarf along with raw meat/fish diet has changed my dog completely. He now has energy, stamina and an increased appetite which the latter is a bit of a negative as it does cost more but the change is worth it. Have given the Smartbarf information to the vet, who, having looked at the bag and ingredients seemed quite impressed.

Julie December 8, 2015

Getting the Required Vitamins and Minerals Every Day

Our dog Dexter (an 8 month old Dobermann who has always been given the BARF diet) seems to really like it. In the morning he always gets some form of mince and its nice to mix it in with the mince with a little extra water to give the mince a slightly less solid consistency. We still give Dex fruit and veg but at least I know he is getting the required vitamins and minerals every day. I have got to admit that I quite like the smell of it – am almost tempted to try it in a soup!!

Bridget December 8, 2015

Bowled Over

I am bowled over by this product, what a find! Feeding my dog a raw diet was a huge revelation and I would never go back. The only aspect that can be inconvenient and a little concerning is making sure my dog gets all the necessary vitamins, minerals and so on without the time-consuming hunt for all the right ingredients and supplements and using them in the right proportions and so on. So when I discovered SmartBarf all of those problems and worries were solved.

Sarah December 8, 2015