SmartBarf… Easy nutrients for happy & healthy dogs!

100% Natural & Jam- Packed

SmartBarf is 100% natural and totally free from preservatives, fillers or additives – just the best herbs, fruits, seeds, vegetables and more for your dog! Jam-packed with nature’s best to provide key minerals and vitamins.

Prebiotic Goodness

SmartBarf provides natural prebiotics to improve and maintain your dog’s gut health through the inclusion of Asparagus, Chicory Root, Apple, Carob Pods, Banana, Flaxseed, Seaweed and Dandelion leaves.

Raw Dinners Completed!

SmartBarf makes making a raw meal complete in one fell swoop! Better still, it’s not only loved by our customers but also their dogs!


We’ve spent years researching our ingredients and the benefits they can give our dog – saving you… time and money

End of Supplements

SmartBarf™ provides a greater variety of nutrients than found in many popular supplements so there is no need to worry about adding anything else!

Perfect Balance

SmartBarf is the perfect balance of over 50 different herbs & vegetables, seeds & nuts, fruits & berries, and pulses for a 100% natural source of varied oils, minerals, nutrients and vitamins.

Don’t take just our word for it; We have plenty of happy customers!

Good to hear the plastic bag is not plastic as such.


To be honest I don’t think you can do anything better.  The speed of delivery is amazing and it arrives the next day.  The courier you use is great and the quality of the product is topnotch. Our dog absolutely loves it and he looks healthy with a shiny coat.


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